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Everything you need to know

Getting started

Sign up, verify your account via the email we send you, sign in.

If this is your first time signed in you will be automatically redirected to the add service section.

Start adding your services. You can choose to link clients to a more details URL, include a contact panel, or set a price for the service for which the client can pay for straight from their WordPress dashboard.

Note if you have added a service that requires a payment you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway page to setup your payment method if you haven’t done so already.

After adding your services, start adding your client websites by clicking the “New website” button.

After saving the client website you can copy the access token that is unique to the website. This is used to activate the DashAgency plugin you will be installing into the relevant client website.

Once you have setup your services and websites, go to your dashboard and start allocating services to client websites to display in their WordPress dashboard.

You can re-order the services on your clients’ WordPress dashboard by clicking, holding and dragging the services up and down.

Setting a service to ‘Featured’ will display the image (if you added one to the service) and place the service as the first panel on the WordPress dashboard.  You can also toggle services on and off using the ‘Selling on site’ tick box.

Your services will now be published to your clients’ WordPress dashboard.

Activating the DashAgency plugin

To activate the DashAgency dashboard on your clients website you will need to install our plugin and add the unique website access token.
Download the DashAgency plugin here.

Once installed and activated you will find the DashAgency plugin settings under Tools in the left side navigation.

You will find the individual client website access tokens at the bottom of the Client website page. Copy this and paste it in the Access Token panel on the WordPress website. Click save.

Visit the WordPress Dashboard and DashAgency will be live.

Clients paying for your services

Clients simply click the ‘Buy’ or ‘Pay’ buttons next to your services and enter their details in the payment window. Once payment has been cleared you will receive a payment notification to your email.

You can also keep track and manage payments through the Payment history page, found under your profile icon in the top navigation.