DashAgency - WordPress Client Portal - Custom Dashboard For Agencies

The WordPress dashboard re-invented

DashAgency is a powerful platform that removes all the hassles of selling and getting paid for your services, streamlines your processes, and lets you get on with what you do best all the while making sure you get paid.
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DashAgency Features

Simply and effortlessly integrate your services into your client’s dashboard, ensuring you get paid for even the smallest jobs.
Integrated with Stripe, so payments go straight into your bank account

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Recurring revenues









Save time



Be paid up front for jobs or
setup recurring payments for regular tasks

Lots of WordPress websites under management?
Being asked on a daily basis to do tasks?
Not capturing payments for those “can you just” moments?

With DashAgency you add your services, choosing to charge upfront if you wish, add your client websites, then allocate the relevant services, pricing them independently if required, quickly and easily to each of your client websites.

“Manage those after go live tasks like website fixes, design changes, plug-in updates, charging for domain hosting and everything in between.”

After installing the DashAgency plug-in into your clients WordPress website, each time the client logs in they will see your services. From here they can get in touch with you directly and even purchase the service right from of their own dashboard, you are then notified and can do the work knowing you’ve been paid upfront.

Include DashAgency as part of your website build and go live process, and make it clear to the client that this is the simplest and fastest way to communicate, receive support and pay for services after go live.

First website is FREE. No credit card required.


“Now we are using DashAgency our old client support processes for after their website went live seem prehistoric.”


“The essential platform for any agency looking to add value to their client service and for getting paid upfront for work.”


“Reinvents the WordPress dashboard making sensible and convenient use of something that is usually ignored.”

The only way to manage client websites after go live

With lots of WordPress websites under management how do you handle the multitude of daily client requests?
Using DashAgency is quick and easy:
  1. Add (and price) your client services,
    e.g. “add eCommerce” or “re-design a page.”
  2. Add your client websites.
  3. Easily assign services to individual websites.
  4. Install our WordPress plugin and add your unique access token.
  5. Now clients see your services and can pay for them from their WordPress dashboard.
DashAgency - Dashboard